Sunday, April 5, 2009

~A lurve letter to JACK (14/1/04)~

oLLA..hows y'ol yer weekends?? Mesti hapenning kan?? hope u ol do.. (n for sure felicia did! hehe) So ptg tadik..i merajinkan diri la mengemas2 tengah kemas mengemas rak buku..theres a letter drop out from one book...dated 19.04.02:

it was written by my ex-wana-be aunt; Anabele De Rozario to my uncle; Jack.. 7 years ago........ d date where they became a couple....Anabele n Jack bercinta masa dorang form six d St. Joseph, kuching.. (mun ktkorng ada nok skul sia..tahun 2001-02) cinta zaman skul la.hingga dua2 bekerja....back to this letter..itz contain Anabele's apologize n LOVE to Jack..agaknya time tu dorang gaduh ..the thing dat catch my attention is at d end of the letter which says;
"I will love you till my dying days.."

YUP, ANABELE DO! But itz not her who died first...but..Jack. My uncle ; Jack was died in a road accident in 14/1/2004, 2 weeks after proposing anabele...n they juz bought their wedding rings! It was a tragic incident for my whole big family as Jack was the youngest brother among my dad's sibling...the beloved one, n cloze to me. N no matter how much hurt n lose we felt as a family, i can feels itz much more for Anabele...mourning over the broken dreams, wedding...n THEIR love dat they had cherish together.......(oh Lord! pjg kan la umo Bb aku...n aku sendiri juger.huhuhuhu)

hurm..ya la...ajal dan maut d tangan Tuhan...kita hanya mampu merancang..Tuhan yg menentukan...huhuhu...remember TITANIC?? ..same story n d same ending for d guy...uhuhuhu. May God bless late uncle Jack soul..n bless Anabele..wherever she is right now..;)

P/s: I think i will keep this letter as harta pusaka..hehe..neytauk berega 40 tahun akan datang..jual ngn arkib negara...hehe


  1. i had fun, :) nang best my weekend..

    hmm towards the end, sedih kesah your uncle and Anabele..i understand deeply hw she felt..kelak lah kita berkongsi cerita..i hope anabele will move on, and find happiness in her life..

  2. wah! cinta kekal mati punya ni. Auntie tau tak dia ada sisip surat kat situ? tentu dia ingat org takkan jumpa :)
    so camna auntie tu, masi dah kontek lagi kah?
    huhuhukk..may God bless u all :)

  3. sedey ooo...cinta sidak padah felicia ya hope anabele terus maju ke hadapan..

  4. dear felice; gud2 u enjoy yer weekends..hehe..ya la..i do hope anabele did...didnt meet her for long time oreadi..i heard she moved to Singapore..

    bro, uncle yg sisip letter tu i think..dalam buku pengajian am dier..n now my sister yg pakai...we lost contact dgn auntie tu..tak tau kat mana dier skrng..

    olla ivy; yup2..i hope she doing ok..cuz dah lama tak dgr kbr dia...

  5. God Bless Unc. Jack

  6. Sis you don't have a shoutbox so I duno where I should put this...Thanks for loving pink..

    Yes..some sort of a club for pink lovers.. Thats a gr8 idea!!!

  7. hye suegoodgurl..yup..i purposely dont add d gadget it..will do one day ayte..hehe.caiyok2 pink lover...xoxo

  8. until the day i die..
    i spill my heart for you..

    -story of the year-

    R.I.P Jack.