Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hola.aku nak break jap dari aktiviti fevret aku ni buat sementara waktu...mok p berhoneystar n bercanda di tepian pantai ~lallallalla~~.neway, minta maaf mun ada tersilap kata, tersilap tulis, tercopyright..or wutso ever la . Gonna mishhh yuol. Boh notie2 auk! Wil hupdate again soon...............xoxox0..Adios Amigos.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

~tHE cHROnicles of my dad~

Dad, there so much things i want to writes about you;
i dunno where to start with,
And i have no idea where to end it..
But dad;
I alwas remember all those jokes u always made;
Even the silly dance, u alwaz dance,
Its daym funny dad!
eventhou, now, i tried hard not to laugh at it,
Cuz sometimes, i thinks its stupid...;(

Dad, i missed those moments, where u quitely came in to our rooms;
placing ur hand on our foreheads,
I do remember all those silent prayers u alwaz prays;
chanting all ur blessing n wishes;
Hoping ur all little boys and gurls will live in success..
Ur baby gurl grown up now, Dad.
I cry no least not like before ;p..
You taught me how to be stronger;
You alwaz makes me feels better, eventhou im a loser;
And i'm alwaz proud of being your daughter.

You might not be the best dad like others have; yet daddy...ure alwaz be my BEST. May you do well through ages, with long life, good health, blessing and hapiness comes along your ways. Lots of love for you Dad..~J.c


Friday, June 12, 2009

~Promise & Excuses~

hOLA...Finally i got back d 8 hours of sleeping laz nite (thanks to diphenhydramine.hihi). tODAy, looks likes a fine day..Itz 9.00 a.m..stil early..hihi..(menebus balik jam2 aku tak dapat tido 2-3 ari nih..)golek sana..golek sini......nuthing to do. no plan. no appointment. Appointment?? Woopss..adeh! Aku lupa la....i grasped my phone..tit tut tit tut

"sorry..i juz woke up..huhu" ......sent
replied........."itz ok...gud thing i didnt wait."
"i cant sleep for diz couples of mlm tadi i ambik ubat then trus tak sedar diri..sowie"...adding some excuses..sent!
replied........"Nevermind. Mayb other time. tc.hav a nice day,;)"

Actually, ive promised to meet this friend of mine so many guess wut?? I havent fulfilled it yet! yEAH I got some acceptable excuses besides wut happen diz morning n i swear...smua janji tu tak tertunai bukan disengajakan..

*but why i felt G.U.I.L.T.Y. ??*

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Time turned to 2.15 in d still wide awake. i close my eyes yet my mind stil working. my ears stil listening. the 5th day I CANT SLEEP AT nitE.. itz drives me nuts!!. Wuts wrong with ME!???!!!!!!!! restless.. ;(