Sunday, March 22, 2009

~Life..oh life..~

For this couples of months, im going thru some difficult phase of my life...kira my world juggle upside down lah...everythings seems to b so hurting & dissapointing..but i dont see wut happening around me is a sign of failure.....never..
I DO BELIEVE dat everyone had itz own hard time..dissapointment..frustration..anger..hurt...and u can name any of them..n even somtimes we felt life so terribely SUX! Yet..d things dat i owez ask myself when im down is; do i hav to live like diz..or.. get up n live up my life as happie as i shud be...( +ve self-talking/motivation do helps me lots..hehe) d matter of how we look our life is..( bunyi like im a strong woman huh? hahah...buzzz..ure wrong!) ...either we want to sank in wit our probs..or moving foward for a better day.

Yea..yeah...we're learning to live a better life each day rite..u hav probs...i hav lots, tons, beribu-ribu lemons problems..but d different learning to leave my burdens behinds..yup there are some probs we can settle it down n some susah mau cakap la..biar aja..itz hard..n takes time..but life must go on rite? ..every morning i look up to heaven, wishing the new day gonna b a better day than yesterday..i wan to forgive n forget..continue walking..running.. n moving..without looking wut behinds.....wut hav passed is our life in d present n smiles for the cheer up!

p/s: boh jak pura2 smile dah la..hehehe

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